How It All Started

My mother had a coffee shop in Bolivia since I was 10 years old.  She liked to bake everything herself so she taught me from a young age. The recipes she taught me were used by her mother.  Her products included cakes, pastries and cookies.  I am proud of my Bolivian heritage and the cuisine we enjoy.

There is a twist in the tale.  I also offer a vegan alternative to the South African Milk Tart.  This is called a Cinnamon Tart and is similar to a Custart Tart.




Going for It

All my recipes are based on the knowledge passed onto me by my mother and other popular Bolivian street food.  I decided to cook and sell my products when it dawned on me that my food was of good quality and enjoyable to eat.  I use my family as a sound board when I want to launch new products.  My range of products is sold at festivals and street markets in Essex and a monthly vegan market in Kent.

My Family 

I don’t think I could have made it this far without the ongoing support and understanding of my family and friends.



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