Our Story

Bolivian pastries is a dream come true, thanks to our loyal customers, they always keep coming again and again . We hope through baking and providing honest traditional food we aim to pay tribute to our wonderfull heritage and culture.   

We hope you enjoy the taste of Bolivian street food as much as we do.


How It All Started


My mother had a coffee shop in Bolivia since I was 10 years old.  She liked to bake everything herself so she taught me from a young age. The recipes she taught me were used by her mother.  Her products included cakes, pastries and cookies.  I am proud of my Bolivian heritage and the cuisine we enjoy.

There is a twist in the tale.  I also offer a vegan alternative to the South African Milk Tart.  This is called a Cinnamon Tart and is similar to a Custart Tart.

How It All Started

All my recipes are based on the knowledge passed onto me by my mother and other popular Bolivian street food. I decided to cook and sell my products when it dawned on me that my food was of good quality and enjoyable to eat. I use my family as a sound board when I want to launch new products. My range of products is sold at festivals and street markets in Essex and a monthly vegan market in Kent.

My Family

I don’t think I could have made it this far without the ongoing support and understanding of my family and friends.


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