Meet the Team

Laura van Rooyen
Sales assistant

Laura works on the Stalls sales, providing assistance directly to customers. Her duty include greeting customers who comes to our stall, managing the cash and advising customers on our products in any fairs or public places where we are selling.

Willem van Rooyen
Quality control

This young boy is in charge of tasting the products prior of selling, he let's me know about spices, quantity of ingredients like cheeze, cream are use, if this are good to be use in bread,  pastries and cakes only when he has  tasted the new products, I can baked and sell it to the costumer.

Maria Vargas

I'm the baker, i've been baking since I'm 10 years old, my job was to grated cheese for the empanadas when I was 14 I was already baking cakes.

Natasha van Rooyen
Vegetable cutter

Natasha is in charge of cutting courgettes, celery and black olives, she will cut large quantity for the filling preparation of the pasties.

The Cleaner

Bella is always on guard if any carrot, celery, courgette falls on the floor inmediatly she will clean it, so our floors are always immaculated.

Recycling Deparment

We feed Ceci the vegetables peels and vegetables left overs, we don't waste anything and we keep her happy.

The last 2 are only for you to have a laugh.


Bussines Centre
Brook Street

Mobile: 07842297540