Depending on the size and “difficulty” of your order, most cakes and even pastys can be ordered  2 days before any event (especially before 1pm) unless we’ve reached maximum ordering capacity.  We do our best to be as flexible as possible!

We require a full 48 hours in advance for cancellations on most orders (especially larger orders and orders that require special decorations and/or require special inggredients).   Because we baked and sell in events, market and fairs, we need advance notice. Planning is  necessary to deliver to you the best food!

We bake cakes for any occasion and you customised as you whish. Please let us know in advance your dreaming cake or you favorite flavour.

Yes, is vegan we baked with soya, oats, coconuts.

We recommend storaged your cake in the fridge if the temperature around is warm. The key to enjoy our cakes is temperature. We suggest cakes are left at room temperature at least 1 hours depending on the size of the cake and temperature of the room.

We highly recommend storing our cakes in an airtight container, our cakes are eggless and free from dairy, they will last longer days in the fridge, only fresh fruit cakes should be consume up 3 days of purchasing.

All of our products are produced in an environment where the following are present, and may come in contact with your product: Nuts, soya, wheat,  and products containing gluten. If you have a food allergy, we do not recommend consuming our products.

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