bolivian pastries

Welcome to Bolivian pastries, we bake traditional vegan bread, cake, pastries and desserts in Colchester

Food allergies

If you suffer from severe NUT allergies “do not eat our products” some of our food has nuts and other may have been contaminated.

New Updates

We are also delivering in Wivenhoe on Saturdays.

We are selling our products on Thursday in the Square 5 Essex University.
We are open Every Saturday 
Wivenhoe Business Centre
Brook Street
Essex CO7 9DP

We think through baking and providing honest traditional food, we aim to pay tribute to our wonderfull heritage and culture. Our authentic recipes are baked with local ingredients.
We want, through our products and our dedicated attention, to be present in those moments of happiness and pleasure that are part of your life.  We feel pride, commitment and pleasure for what we do and we want to share with you daily. 
We hope you enjoy the taste of Bolivian street food as much as we do

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you can’t have a birthday cake. With more people going vegan, it makes good sense to buy one for your special occasion. Our cakes taste better than they look and you might not even believe it’s vegan!
Our vegan cake sponges are fluffy and airy. They’re available to order in a variety seasonal flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, orange, carrot, passion Fruit, mojito and banana.
And we want all your friends and family to be surprised at how delicious your vegan cake is.

Our vegan bread and pastries are  fresh seasonal, locally and  sourced. Everything is made from scratch, using high quality ingredients avalable. Inspired by our street food culture and tradition.We also have gluten free pasties that are popular in Latin America 

Our  homemade dessert are  classical  inspired by South African and English  heritage, recipe are baked from scratch . The filling consists of either an uncooked or cooked custard so delicious will have everyone talking about it.